“I was Drinking to Die.”

JoAnne’s life went completely off the rails. But today, thanks to YOU, she is living with genuine hope!

JoAnne seemed to have it all. She grew up in a wealthy family with a nice house and expensive cars. Her parents bought her the best clothes and even sent her to private schools.

But affluence didn’t protect JoAnne from the circumstances and mistakes that would eventually derail her life completely. Somehow, she didn’t see it coming.

The “good life”

College brought parties, drinking, and “fun.” But JoAnne didn’t realize her social drinking could, and would, become an addiction.

Despite living the “good life” after graduation, there was what she describes as “darkness,” including the breakup of her marriage. And while JoAnne experienced several extended periods of sobriety, she would eventually go back to drinking. The sudden death of her mom only made it worse. Her life came crashing down around her.

Joanne was in such dire straights, she was forced to sell her home. She essentially became unemployable. She even turned custody of her 14-year-old son over to her ex-husband.

Living with new hope . . .

A friend who really cared about JoAnne told her about Metropolitan Ministries — what we could offer and how we can help. Initially, JoAnne refused to admit she had any problems. She now realizes that was just ego. With the support of friends, she was able to swallow her pride and accept help at Metro.

An army of people who help

“I was so beaten down, so disgusted with myself,” JoAnne says. She felt like a failure as a mother. “I wasn’t just drinking and partying . . . I was drinking to die,” she says.

Since coming to Metro, JoAnne has worked with “a whole army” of people committed to helping her put her life back together. She says that at Metro, she has experienced “hope, compassion, and action.”

Sober, stable, self-sufficient

As you read this, JoAnne has graduated from Metro and is living a very different life from what she knew before. She’s sober, stable, working in real estate, and reconciled with the son she gave up.

It’s no surprise that JoAnne credits you and other Metro partners for your generosity, which helped her turn her life around. “I thank you for giving me the opportunity to change my life,” she says.

“I’m now living a very blessed life.”— JoAnne

More people like JoAnne continue to seek help at Metropolitan Ministries. Please give generously today to reach them with hope rooted in God’s love, grace, and redemptive power.

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