Joyce’s Story: “No longer a victim”

After years of enduring domestic violence, Joyce finally couldn’t take it anymore.

Her husband had made their life a nightmare of abuse, intimidation, and fear. “It was just so horrible,” she says. “He would come to the house unannounced, threaten me, and slap me.”

Joyce took her daughter and left for good.

She had no idea what would happen, only that she had to flee for the sake of her children. “I didn’t know what I was going to do or where we were going to live,” she says. “It was extremely stressful.”

While living with her sister and then a friend, Joyce heard about Metro — and what we can offer families in crisis. She applied, was accepted, and has been with us for a year.

“I will never forget the lady who was working at intake,” Joyce relates. “She took one look at me and knew I had been abused. I didn’t tell her anything. She told me her story, what she went through. I felt less alone.”

“I come into my room, and I’m peaceful. I’m enjoying the little things.”

Joyce was immediately motivated to take advantage of our life-rebuilding programs. “I know people here really care about me. There’s emotional counseling and support. So many wonderful things.”

Thanks to the help you provide, Joyce has been able to train for a career in the medical field that will enable her to support her family.

Sadly, while with us, Joyce found out she has ovarian cancer. Following surgery and chemotherapy, her prognosis is good. “I stay positive,” says Joyce. “I’m going to beat this. If you can survive domestic violence, you can survive anything.”

“I love Metro because it gives a person a chance. When I leave, I’m going to be ready.”

To you and other Metro supporters, Joyce says, “I would just say thank you. I hope one day that I can give back. I can see myself helping other women who have gone through the same experience.”

Looking to the future, she says, “I no longer look at myself as the victim. I’m more the survivor now.”

Thank you for sharing help and hope with Joyce and her daughter. They’ve been transformed through you. Please renew your support in the new year so even more lives can be restored!

Joyce and her daughter got a second chance, THANKS TO YOU. Please give another family the same hope with your gift today!