“Metro’s holiday assistance will make the difference . . .”

With two special needs children and a grandson to support on a small income, this struggling family has relied on Metro during the holidays. You made their tiny celebration brighter.

Struggling to get by on the small income she earns, Rhonda and her husband are doing all they can to keep a roof over their heads and put food on the table. But they sometimes “run out of money before they run out of month.

The parents of three young boys, Rhonda and Ron have made the kids the focus of their lives. Two of the three have special needs. One, age 9, has ADHD. The second, age 6, has a rare genetic disorder and has lived his entire life with an inoperable brain tumor.

Rhonda says she and Ron were told early on that he would never walk. But the Lord has blessed this little guy. “With God’s help, he’s walking and running today,” says Rhonda. And while he requires a feeding tube at night, he’s able to lead a relatively normal life, even attending public elementary school.

The third boy is a 2-year-old grandson these valiant parents have also welcomed into their home. “He has his good and bad days,” says Rhonda, “but I wouldn’t trade him for anything.”

As you might imagine, the family keeps a close watch on their finances. But during the 2021 holiday season, they were forced to get help at Metro.


Thanks to you and other generous friends, Metro was able to provide the family with supplementary food and even groceries for a traditional Thanksgiving dinner.

At the time, Rhonda told us her husband had a back injury that prevented him from working. She said, “This holiday assistance will make a difference for me because I’m the only income provider for my family. It will help a lot. We have been struggling this year.”

While Rhonda has a long history of battling depression, she tries to keep the focus on her family and asks for prayer for them — for strength, for success in school, and for the healing of her husband’s back.

She sees better days ahead, in no small part because of the assistance you shared with her family.

The food and services YOU and other Metro partners provide can open the door to help and hope for even more families like Rhonda’s this Thanksgiving.

Please give that same opportunity to other struggling Tampa Bay families. Thank you!

Make the holidays special for families in need