New Life At Easter

Four years ago, Karly fled a home filled with abuse and fear. She had few skills that would help her support three children, very little confidence in herself, and deep anxiety about the future. 

But today, Karly is working as a pharmacy technician, has her own place, and is supporting her family. She also recently launched her own business. All thanks to you. 

“I needed to get out 

Karly was in a difficult position. “I had to make some changes so my children could be in a safer, better environment,” she says. “I saw it affecting my children, so I knew that I needed to get out for them.”  

With few options, and a need to find safe shelter for her kids, Karly applied for help at Metropolitan Ministries. Within a week she was accepted. “When I settled in, I was able to obtain employment,” she says. It was only part time, but she was grateful for that. It wasn’t long before Karly was able to land an apprenticeship at a local pharmacy. “I was able to learn a skill that would’ve taken me a year going through a technical program.” 

She dove in with determination. “I was growing my skill set and didn’t want to give up,” says Karly. “I learned confidence. As a survivor of domestic abuse, that growth meant a lot. I look back and see that I’ve come a long way.” 

Support, friendships, and help for her kids 

“Metropolitan Ministries also helped me with finances and schooling. But the biggest thing for me was the counseling support,” says Karly. “There were things from my past that I had to heal from.” 

Metro also help the family grow closer to each other — and to God. “We made friends here who were also in the program. They knew what I was going through and were in the same leg of their journey,” she says. 

“I look back and see that I’ve come a long way.” 

Busy as she is, Karly has also started a small catering business. “It began as a lifestyle change,” she says. “Right now I make salads and wraps and fruit, but I hope to expand my offerings. It was something that helped me get my life back on track. I lost weight and my health improved.” 

She has also been able to add a ministry flavor to her business, by sharing ideas with her customers for healthier living. Karly encourages them to do all they can to eat healthy. 

Continuing to grow 

What does the future hold for Karly and her children?  

She wants to own her own home, expand her business, and continue to grow. She doesn’t know all that God has in store for her family, but she says, “I’m excited for all there is to come.” And, she says, “My kids see the example I’m setting with how far determination can take you.”  

Today, Karly is healthier emotionally, physically, and spiritually. And she’s full of gratitude. “Everything you see online and on the news is true,” this overcomer says. “Metro does wonderful work in the community, even through the pandemic. They have a solution