Thanks to You, Nikki Found Safety, Stability, and a New Career

The programs and services you provide mean a fresh start for struggling families in Tampa Bay

Nikki left her marriage when she could no longer live with the emotional abuse. She finally realized she had to give herself and her children a better opportunity.

Thankfully, Nikki had heard about Metropolitan Ministries — what we can offer moms with children who need a safe refuge to make a fresh start. She came to investigate . . . and ended up staying the whole day.

Our caring and helpful case managers asked her what she wanted to accomplish. She said it was important to the whole family that she find a way to provide for them as quickly as possible through job training. She wanted a healthier environment for her kids. And she needed a car of her own for transportation.

Nikki also told us she wanted to use the opportunity to do something great and be a good role model for her kids. One key goal was to complete the AmSkills course, which provides youth, adults, and veterans with training in skilled trades, support, and employment opportunities.

“I needed hope — a second chance.”

“I had been a homemaker for ten years and knew I needed to brush up on my confidence and work skills if I wanted to get back into the workforce,” Nikki says.

Metro connected Nikki with CareerSource, which helped her obtain an education grant. Since she had experience in manufacturing, Nikki was able to use the grant to get the latest hands-on training. The program also helped her focus her career path, build a resume, and find prospective employers.

Through hard work and diligence, Nikki completed the program. “The program gave me the confidence, knowledge, and support I needed to successfully transition into the workforce,” says Nikki.

She was offered and accepted a good position working in material control with TRU Simulation, a local developer of flight training tools. She has been there for three years now and says, “I work for a great company alongside great people.”

Nikki says if it wasn’t for Metro, she would not be where she is today. During her time with us, she changed her mindset from doing something for herself to doing something for the community.

To you and other Metro partners, Nikki says with sincerity, “Finally, I can give my kids and myself the best life. I couldn’t have done this without your support. I needed hope — a second chance.”

Your gift right now will help keep hope alive for someone like Nikki. At no time of year is hope more important than at Easter — the season of HOPE.

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