“Thank you for not judging us”

It wasn’t permanent. Olivia and Frankis we’re just living in a trailer until something better came along.

But what came along wasn’t better. It was worse… much worse.

When a fire tore through their home, this Florida couple and their two kids lost everything, including all the food and clothes they had inside. Devastated, they went to the Red Cross, who referred them to Metropolitan Ministries.

“Olivia and Frankis insisted that the help they needed was just temporary,” remembers Rachelle Wilson from our Outreach Center. “They were both working.”

We were able to provide them with a full two weeks’ worth of groceries – beans, eggs, soup, peanut butter, veggies – to help them get by. For now, they are living with a neighbor so they have somewhere to prepare meals

Afterwards, this couple told us they were grateful for the help. “Thank you for not judging us,” they told Rachelle.

Because of generous friends like you we had enough food on hand to help Olivia and Frankis through a rough patch.