Restored hope: Karla’s story

One year ago, Karla and her family lost their home due to rent increases. Karla had no idea where to turn or what to do next. She and her children moved in with her in-laws, where they slept in the living room with a total of nine people in the home.

It was not an ideal living space in the least. To make things worse, Karla’s partner left her and the children.

After searching for help, Karla learned about Metropolitan Ministries. She was accepted into Metro’s program and was able to move into our housing shelter. For the first few weeks, Karla was very stressed out and depressed about her current situation.

However, she set a goal and was determined to accomplish it.

“I have been surviving what feels like my whole life,” Karla says. “So, I knew this was do or die for myself.”

There were many times Karla wanted to give up or thought she couldn’t go on anymore. She wasn’t accustomed to a homeless lifestyle. But anytime she doubted herself, the staff at Metro was there to support her through it all.

“I am very grateful to have had my case manager and the whole team at Metro be understanding of how difficult it can get,” Karla shares.

After three months in Metro’s residential program, Karla will soon be moving into her own apartment.

“I took what I was taught at Metro and put it to use,” she says. “I used their resources, landed a job, and my kids are thriving.”

Thanks to you, Karla found the hope she needed to start again. Please consider giving today so more families like Karla’s can get back to stability and self-sufficiency.