Sometimes, trouble comes in 3s

Thomas and Carla had so many things go wrong. Then one thing went right and changed their lives.

Like many families living paycheck-to-paycheck, Thomas and Carla had no emergency fund if something bad happened.

And something bad did happen. Not once, not twice, but three times!

It started when Carla needed surgery related to her high blood pressure. Weeks later, her boss said she racked up too many sick days and fired her.

At first, this married couple remained hopeful that she would find another job right away.

But when she didn’t, panic set in. “We didn’t know what to do,” Carla says. “We had no backup plan.” 

They just couldn’t catch a break

But that wasn’t even the worst of it.

With Carla unemployed, they fell behind on their rent. Pleading with their landlord to give them a little more time proved futile. Soon, they were evicted and homeless.

For a while, they separated and went to live with different relatives – Carla and their son with her mother, and Thomas with his mother in Tampa. Separation was hard but at least they each had a roof over their heads.

Then came the final indignity. Carla’s mother informed her that “your time here is coming to an end. I’m moving.”

Would the streets be the next stop for this struggling family?

Thankfully, no.  Thanks to generous friends like you, Thomas and Carla were able to move into Metropolitan Ministries before they officially became homeless.

Preparing for the next emergency

Talk about relief! 

Both Thomas and Carla are both committed to ensuring this never happens again. They’ve started a savings account for the next emergency. Carla has modified her diet and is exercising more to reduce her high blood pressure. They also both returned to school: Carla is studying to be a pharmacy tech, and Thomas is being trained for a job in solar engineering.

Now that they’ve stared homelessness in the face – and barely escaped, they say they see the experience – and places like Metropolitan Ministries – differently.  

“This isn’t just a place to stay but a place to be successful,” Carla says.  “When you leave, you know what to do.”

Thomas adds, “Regardless of your situation, never cease to have hope. Get help, not just for yourself but for the sake of others you’ll help in the future.”

Homelessness is a fate no family should ever have to face.  Please give a generous gift today so we’ll have space for the next family who are the victims of an unfortunate series of circumstances like Thomas and Carla were.

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Thank you for coming to their rescue!