Stories of Hope

Hope—it’s what families who come to Metropolitan Ministries during their greatest time of need experience. Along the way, we heard inspiring stories of perseverance, dignity, and gratitude. 

From a family struggling to stay afloat during the COVID-19 pandemic to a mom living in a tent to escape her abuser, the families you help every day come to us with unique circumstances.  

You have helped them secure safe shelter, unlock the doors to self-sufficiency, obtain better jobs, and get a better education for themselves and their children. Your kindness ensures three hot meals a day, counseling, and support, and most of all, hope for a better future. 

These are the families you support; these are their stories. 

From horror to hope 

Tina and her children were living in a tent in someone’s backyard. “It was so hot,” Tina said through tears. “Rain, sun, and storms, we were in the tent.”  But that was better than suffering more abuse and having her head filled with lies that left her with no hope. Tina endured a physically and verbally abusive relationship. Often her kids witnessed the violence of their father towards Tina. He would continuously beat her and abuse her with his words.  

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A first and second chance 

Tiffany was in constant pain. Her whole body ached. But she didn’t know why. Finally, a doctor gave her the diagnosis no one wants to hear: cancer. All this single mom of a 13-year-old boy could think was, What’s going to happen to my son if I die?  

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Hope during uncertainty  

Lauren was at work when she got the call she’d been waiting for. “It was Monica from Metro. She introduced herself and told me they had space for us, and we could move in that day,” she remembers. 

“I couldn’t even respond. I was so emotional and cried tears of relief and joy.” Earlier in the day, Lauren was worried about where she would live after discovering her daughter had been violated by someone they lived with, someone Lauren trusted.  

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Veteran gets a second chance  

It started after a storm that caused raging flooding in his hometown of Baton Rouge, La. With floodwater waist-deep, three small children, and a backpack of their belongings in tote, Ryan, and his fiancé Kristi were recused by airboat and taken to a shelter. 

This natural disaster stripped Ryan and his family of everything they owned. 

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Back on her feet 

It all began with a traffic accident that totaled her car. Amid the COVID-19 crisis, Rita ended up severely injured her hand, which required surgery and a lengthy recuperation. 

At the time, Rita was working at a convenience store. It was tough, but she was getting by. Initially, her boss was willing to accommodate her reduced work schedule as she healed. But, eventually, her hours were cut back to just two days a week. 

From there, things just spiraled out of control.  

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