Well on her way

Like a growing number of women with children who seek refuge at Metropolitan Ministries, Regina was fleeing domestic violence. Worried about their safety, unable to afford to live on their own, and overwhelmed with anxiety about their future, Regina and her two sons came to us for help to get through the crisis.


Regina was living in an apartment with her boys and several roommates. When one of the roommates attacked her and broke her nose, she knew she had to get out. Regina was able to move in with an aunt.

She also began saving for her own place. But before she had enough money set aside, she had to move out of her aunt’s home.

With no other place to go, Regina and her kids became homeless. “Sometimes I’d have enough money for a hotel room for a couple of days,” she says. They’d also go to the library or a restaurant to cool off from the summer heat.

People knew about their situation, but couldn’t help. When the money ran out, the family would find a secluded corner somewhere and sleep outside.

“I had two duffle bags, and with a blanket we would have a tent. I’d lay down a couple sheets and a few blankets as pillows, and my boys and I would try to get some rest.” Regina and her boys did that for almost three weeks


Regina initially came to us for help with childcare for her kids. Our caseworker listened to her story. “The more I told her, the more she saw my need. I asked about a place to stay. In three days, she called me and said they had a motel voucher.” Three days later, we had a room for Regina and her boys.

“I had so much support. I was just set up for success.”

Finally, Regina didn’t have to worry about whether her kids were going to be OK, where they’d sleep, whether they’d eat that day. “It felt so good. It was a fresh start. My family had meals, a room, and a place for all of us to be together. I had the support.”


Shortly after she got to Metro, Regina lost her job as a prep cook. She had a diploma, but wanted to continue her education. So Regina applied and was accepted to our Uplift U® program, which offers single women (and men too) a variety of help, including job and life skills training.

Having the opportunity to further her education was huge. “My case manager helped keep me focused on my goals and school, and helped me to establish a budget and save money.”

Today, Regina is enrolled in culinary school. “I’ve always loved to cook. When I was younger, I told my mom I wanted to go to culinary school. But I never got the chance to go.”

Regina has come a long way after so many ups and downs. “Metropolitan Ministries helped me regain my sense of peace and stability. I was safe and didn’t have to worry

Today, Regina and her kids have hope for the future, because of faithful ministry partners like you. Thank you for being there when struggling families show up on our doorstep.