“You are my guardian angel!” – Edna’s story


When Edna’s daughter got into an accident and couldn’t work, it worsened Edna’s already-constant anxiety. Their only source of income disappeared. Edna lives with her daughter and granddaughter in Hillsborough County — one of Tampa Bay’s communities hardest hit by poverty. And on top of that, she’s battling cancer. Despite her own diagnosis, Edna stepped up to care for both her daughter and granddaughter. But she had no time to meet her own basic needs. And with no income, they started to fall behind on rent and couldn’t afford groceries.

“I’ve never been like this,” says Edna. “I felt ashamed. I couldn’t believe that this was going on.”

Edna knew her family needed help — and fast. But she struggled to know where to start.


That’s when Barbee, a member of Metro’s NeighborHOPE Project, stepped in. Barbee called Edna on the phone and explained the services.

The NeighborHOPE Project offers to households like hers. As Barbee talked to her, Edna became overwhelmed with emotion. “I didn’t even know where my head was at that moment,” she says.

Edna shared all her concerns and anxieties with Barbee, who assured Edna everything would be okay. Barbee told Edna to fill out the necessary paperwork to receive rent assistance from The NeighborHOPE Project and that she’d come see her in a couple days.


When Barbee came to Edna’s house, she saw that their household had no food. It was no coincidence Barbee had a couple of grocery boxes in her vehicle. She was able to give them to Edna and her family. In addition to rent assistance, Edna received help paying a small bill. She was overcome with gratitude and couldn’t stop expressing thanks to Barbee and supporters of Metro Min, including you.

“You are my guardian angel,” says Edna.

Through your support of The NeighborHOPE Project, Edna was able to find stability in her family’s time of deep need. Your giving brings hope into the most hopeless circumstances. You can help even more struggling families like Edna’s. When you give now, families in the poorest Tampa Bay neighborhoods won’t have to scrape by or fear they’ll end up on the streets.

Thank you!