Parenting Classes 

We offer online and in-person parenting classes for parents who are expecting, have an infant, and/or children of all ages.

Baby Safety Class

This safety class covers Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), safe sleep practices, Shaken Baby Syndrome, self-care for parents, and choosing a safe caregiver. You must be a resident of Hillsborough County, Florida, and an expecting parent or a parent or caregiver of a child age 0-2. All participants will receive a packet of free resources and gifts for attending.

Emotion Coaching

Dealing with emotions is difficult for everyone. Children especially need help as they learn what emotions are and how to respond to them. Emotion Coaching helps children do better in school, make healthier relationships, and even get sick less often. This class is recommended for parents of children age 2 and up.

Circle of Security

This class is designed to help parents understand and respond to their child’s emotional needs in a way that promotes safety, love, security, and healthy attachment. It also helps parents identify their own personal struggles as a parent and how to overcome them. The class will meet for eight sessions and is recommended for parents of children age 0-5.


FLIP IT!® is a strategy that offers a simple and kind process to address children’s challenging behaviors. The four steps of FLIP IT can be easily remembered using the mnemonic of FLIP, which stands for Feelings, Limits, Inquiries and Prompts. When used consistently, the FLIP It method helps children understand their feelings and find solutions to their problems instead of letting their feelings get the best of them.

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Child Developmental Screening

We offer free at-home developmental screenings for children ages 0-5.  These screenings help parents assess how their child is developing in few key areas, such as communication and social skills. Participating families will receive free developmental books and toys and may also be referred to additional resources, if necessary. If you would like your child to participate in this free assessment, please click the link to request more information.



ParentChild+ is a national early learning program for Hillsborough County children ages 2-3. This program helps develop your child’s reading and early learning skills at home for school readiness and life success.  An Early Learning Specialist will visit once a week for 23 weeks bringing a book or toy that is free for the family to keep each week. These visits and gifts will help prepare your child for future success.

About ParentChild+
  • Each family receives a minimum of 23 home visits (once a week) throughout the program.
  • Trained community-based Early Literacy Specialists model reading, play, and conversation activities for parents and children together.
  • Families receive at least 23 books and educational toys to build language and literacy-rich homes.
  • Curriculum guides provide families with literacy, numeracy, and school readiness activities.
  • Families are connected to other needed supports, including housing, medical, and educational services.
  • Site staff works with families to ensure every graduate is linked to future educational services and is equipped for school success through school supplies & backpacks.
  • Professional site coordinators provide insight for early literacy specialists and oversee support and referrals for families.

Visit the website for more information about ParentChild+ and its impact on school readiness.

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These services are available thanks to a grant from the Children’s Board of Hillsborough County.