Lack of affordable housing and fleeing domestic violence are the number one causes of family homelessness today in our community.

What we offer

Our short-term and long-term residential programs are located in Hillsborough and Pasco Counties. But anyone may apply.

  • Hope Hall: For women and families experiencing temporary homelessness. Sometimes, unemployment is the only barrier to housing. At Hope Hall, families can stay together while they find work and save for their own housing.
  • Uplift Hall: For families needing help and support for a longer period of time. Often, these families are in need of other services like trauma counseling, job training or education in order to be able to provide for themselves.
  • Miracles For Pasco: For women and families experiencing temporary homelessness. Additional services like counseling, job training, childcare, and education are also offered.
  • Permanent Affordable Housing: When families complete our programs, the end goal is to get them into affordable permanent housing. Working with county services, we help them find a place to call home.