We’re a grassroots, donor and volunteer-fueled community nonprofit. Without our supporters, our Mission wouldn’t be accomplished. Flat out. If you’re one of them, thanks! If not, it’s time you got on board.

 Your Impact In Tampa Bay

Watch the story of Rose and her journey from homelessness to self-sufficiency, thanks to YOUR support! Rose was in an abusive relationship, and after one particularly bad fight, Rose’s daughter was bleeding from broken glass. It was that moment Rose knew she had to leave no matter what it took.

You can see hope in someone’s eyes. It glows. You’ve probably seen it if you’ve had the chance to volunteer with us. This is the hope our supporters have given so many people.

"If there is a reliable model to end poverty and homelessness in America, Metropolitan Ministries has built it."Bob Durst,
Homeless Advocate and Volunteer

Hope is our goal, but it can’t be measured. That’s why we look at results. The results show that our donor-funded programs transform families forever. Just take a look:

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Where We Work

Our Motivation

Everything we do is driven by our mission, values and philosophy. We believe the best results come when they’re driven by a strong internal philosophy. Here’s ours.

Our Mission

We care for the homeless and those at risk of becoming homeless in our community through services that alleviate suffering, promote dignity and instill self-sufficiency... as an expression of the ongoing ministry of Jesus Christ.

Our Vision

Metropolitan Ministries will be America’s most effective caregiver to poor and homeless people.

Our programs will be known for their compassion and innovation in helping struggling families and individuals achieve their highest potential for self-sufficiency.

Our approach to involving citizens in understanding and caring for their disadvantaged neighbors will serve as a replicable model.

Our caregiving will be supported by an exemplary staff, high-quality facilities, dedicated volunteers, donors and collaborative partners.

Above all, our witness will be to the power of love in healing broken lives and building strong, caring communities.

Passionate About Change, Called to Serve


Tim Marks

President and Chief Executive Officer

Rev. Morris E. Hintzman, D.D.

President, Metropolitan Ministries Foundation

Christine Long

Chief Programs Officer

Amy Kern

Chief Financial Officer

Board of Directors

Executive Committee

Tricia Hancock, Chair

Robert Shimberg, Past Chair

Chris Christenberry, Secretary

Rodney Johnson, V. C. Finance & Audit

Carlos Baldor, Jr., V. C. Programs

Bryce Kenny, V. C. Advancement

Andy May, V. C. Facilities

Thomas P. Cornett, V. C. Strategic Planning

Preston Farrior, MM Foundation Liaison


Robert D. Basham

David Beshears

Chas Bruck

Gerry Coughlin

Pastor Victor (Joseph) Doxa

Frank Ferreri

Scott Fink

Connie Gage, LAMPLighter

Kurt H. Hull

Molly James

Jeff Marple

Sadie Pariseau

Andrew Pittman

David L. Redmond

Jerome Ryans

Martin Silbiger, M.D.


We’re Accountable To Our Donors

One meal costs $1.96. We’ve used disciplined financial controls and smart decisions about efficiency to ensure that every dollar we receive achieves its maximum potential.

We will never hide our financial reality. This is a community effort. You deserve to know what’s happening. We commit to:

Learn more about our financial efficiency, even dive in to the numbers if you want.


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