A Second Chance – Christina’s Story 

Christina and her family have gone through some difficult times. They first came to Metro in 2018, during a stressful period in her life. In her pursuit of a brighter future, Christina turned to Metro for support, but her journey faced an early setback. Despite this initial setback, Christina’s determination and resilience would soon pave the way for a remarkable transformation.  

Christina found herself in a difficult relationship. Their struggles not only tested their bond, but also strained the family’s financial resources. Despite these challenges, they welcomed three precious daughters—Isabel, Grace, and Amelia. Driven by her devotion to her family, Christina remained by her partner’s side, holding onto the hope that things would get better, not just for her own sake but for the brighter future she envisioned for their daughters.  

The Turning Point 

Christina imagined a fantasy life to live in, not recognizing what was happening around her. She explains, “I remember when I was seven months pregnant with Amelia and our circumstances turned for the worse.”  Something inside of her broke. This was the turning point, the pivotal moment in Christina’s story—a moment of profound awakening that redefined her path.  

She realized she could not continue this path for herself or her children. After taking some time to pray with her children’s grandmother, her luck turned up. God answered her prayers and showed her the path back to Metropolitan Ministries.  

Second Chances 

When COVID shut the world down, Christina was left scrambling for options. Her landlord had refused to let her family renew their lease due to issues with her husband. That’s when Christina turned to Metropolitan Ministries once again. She picked up the phone and called for our help. This time was different. She was going to be honest with herself and accepted the challenge for her family. 

Christina shared that moving into Metro was overwhelming, but much needed.

“I finally felt like the kids, and I could breathe easily.”

While at Metro, Christina’s family received the care and counseling that was desperately needed. Their case manager played a pivotal role in getting Christina and her family back on the right path to self-sufficiency. “I signed up for a medical assistant program at HCC, which took about four to five months to complete.” During that time, she took advantage of the opportunities granted to her. She learned about the principles of Trauma Informed Care, mindfulness, how to have healthy relationships, and the skill of communication.  

Christina was able to successfully finish school, knowing that her family were now in the capable hands of Metropolitan Ministries. She isn’t the only one who has found success in Metro’s program. Her three daughters have also been attending Metro’s CREATE program. Christina explains, “It’s my kids favorite place to be… They are very excited to be there every single day.” Her children take the things they learn in school and bring them back to share with their mom, fostering a learning environment for everyone. As now a single mom, she is immensely grateful for the opportunities that Metro has given her, including a second chance.  

Christina now lives a life of self-sufficiency. She has successfully exited out of Metro’s Residential Housing Program and has a home of her own. She also secured a job and works full-time at Baycare. Her two older children attend Metro’s partnership school, the Patricia J. Sullivan Elementary, and are thriving in their academia, and the youngest is in Head Start and well on her way to follow in her big sisters’ footsteps. 

It is because of people like you and places like Metro that Christina can tell us her story. We believe in second chances, and with your help, we can keep providing them. Christina concludes,

“I am healing, I am stronger, and I am full of hope for my family’s future. I would like to say a special thank you to Metropolitan Ministries. I wouldn’t be who I am today without all of you.” 

Hear from Christina herself in the video below.