“Because of Metro, we’re able to enjoy Thanksgiving” — Tracy’s Story

Tracy was facing an eviction and struggling to provide for her three special needs children . . . you gave her hope for the holiday and opened the door to long-term stability! 

When an abusive relationship nearly cost Tracy her life, she had no other choice but to flee with her three children. Pain and torment seemed to follow her.  Since the age of 13, Tracy had been fending for herself and doing whatever it took to survive.

“I’ve been up and down since then,” she says.

When Tracy received the good news that she won sole custody of her children after a drawn-out battle in court, hope seemed within reach again.  She and her kids could finally start a new life. Having few affordable housing options, Tracy temporarily rented a room in a low-income area.  Just when she thought she was safe, Tracy experienced yet another nightmare.

A maintenance employee who came to do work in the home sexually assaulted her.  Tracy had no choice but to uproot and leave again.  She had nobody — not even a friend — to turn to.  And on top of the PTSD that haunted her, Tracy was suffering from numerous health issues and chronic pain.

Tracy was desperate to find a safe haven for herself and her children, who are all autistic.  One has Down syndrome.  But she couldn’t keep up with bills.  Soon, Tracy was facing the terrifying reality of eviction.


As the holidays approached, Tracy knew she couldn’t afford a Thanksgiving dinner for her family.  She feared it was too late to receive help.  Fortunately for Tracy, she was wrong. Tracy heard about Metro Ministries and signed up for the services we offer during the holiday season.  That Thanksgiving, she received a traditional holiday meal with all the fixings for her and her children to share together.

“Because of Metro, we’re able to enjoy Thanksgiving,” she says.

Thanks to your generosity, Tracy was able to receive more than just food for her hungry family.  She discovered an open door to all of the resources available to her through Metro Ministries.

A community navigator through The NeighborHOPE Project was able to connect with Tracy and get her the resources she needed to provide for her children and find long-term stability.  “Things might not be perfect, but I’m glad they’re looking up,” says Tracy.

“Thank you.”

Without your partnership, we wouldn’t be able to provide critical care to vulnerable families like Tracy’s.  You can help even more hurting Tampa Bay neighbors this Thanksgiving!