Help the most vulnerable during this heatwave

The scorching heat is a life-threatening issue for many homeless and at-risk people we serve. The heat index is currently reaching over 100 degrees Fahrenheit in Tampa Bay. All the more reason for the Metro Brigaide to be out in the community to aid the homeless.

The hot summer not only affects those out in the streets, in their cars, or in the woods, but also families at-risk of becoming homeless. Electric bills can increase up to 5x times more than normal while living in trailers and poorly insulated homes with non-functional windows—which is the reality for the families we serve.

Help Now

With your help, we can make sure we have enough supplies to meet the need. Some of the most needed items are portable generators, umbrellas, rain ponchos, sunscreen, Chapstick, mosquito repellent and nets, bottled water, coolers.