The Storms of Life

Rising up in the face of difficulty.

A remarkable, 150-year-old red oak tree near the entrance of a Michigan university had welcomed visitors for years… until one windy day last July when it crashed to the ground. It was a shock to many including the grounds director, Charlie Huizinga. But he knew what he would do.

“I was making my rounds one day more than a decade ago looking around the oak I discovered little trees coming up. Acorns were still attached to the root.”

That day, Huizinga harvested some of the seedlings and transplanted them onto his property. Over the years they grew to become 20 foot trees themselves. Today one fills the hole the original oak left behind…

…starting a new era of the red oak for the future.”

Sometimes the storms of life threaten to take out even the strongest trees. Storms of uncertainty, grief, illness, or financial hardship can leave you feeling totally depleted. But that doesn’t mean God’s plan has wavered. Here are three ways you can rise up in the face of difficulty:

  1. Pray. Ask Him to give you His perspective for your situation and to help you stand strong.
  2. Serve. Volunteer your time or choose someone to bless today and see how it blesses you too.
  3. Practice generosity. Consider exploring creative ways you can impact someone else through

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