This sweltering heat is putting homeless families at risk. Will you help?

At this very moment, hundreds of local families —many of them mothers with young children — are living in their cars, in tents or secluded wooded areas all across Tampa Bay, suffering silently in this dangerous heat.

For many, these searing temperatures aren’t just uncomfortable. They can be deadly, sometimes resulting in heat exhaustion or heat stroke.

This month, we’re inviting you to join the Metro Brigaide in rescuing mothers and children from Florida’s brutal heat and humidity, helping them to get into safe, comfortable, permanent housing.

Help save lives this summer!

Whatever amount you decide to give, please know that you’ll be rescuing young families who are suffering as they search for ways to escape this suffocating summer heat.

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Florida already leads the nation in dangerous heat and humidity, with the heat index frequently topping 104 degrees. Under such extreme conditions, what are these families supposed to do?

Desperate moms can’t afford to run their cars’ air conditioners for more than a couple minutes at a time. There’s no place to take a shower to cool off. Even getting a cold drink of water can be a challenge most days.

Next month is typically the hottest month of the year when the summer heat can turn deadly in minutes — particularly for young children who are most susceptible to dehydration or even heatstroke if they are inside their cars for too long.

When you do, you’ll provide lifesaving help: from air-conditioned rooms and nutritious meals to counseling and life-changing classes. So you’re not just providing them with relief but giving them a brand-new start.

It’s a fact: 93.1% of families are still in stable housing 12 months after graduating.

That’s the power of your giving! Don’t let homeless families living in their cars suffer in this heat another day. You might save someone’s life!

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