Jackie’s tears of relief & joy

The holiday season is often celebrated with family and feelings of joy, making memories. For Jackie, the holidays were stressful. When we met Jackie, she shared with us that not only was she struggling to provide for her ten kids, but also her grandchildren.

Jackie’s story is one we hear often at Metropolitan Ministries, and highlights the struggles of single parents and matriarchs like Jackie who carry the burden of making ends meet, especially during the holidays. Often times without help, the holidays are bleak, and resources are stretched thin. These families find they have little money for gifts or a filling meal.

When Jackie arrived to the Holiday Tent for assistance and learned she would receive a nutritious full meal that included a ham and dinner sides, she shed tears of relief and joy. Because of your generosity, not only did she receive a holiday meal for her family, but also a bike for one of her grandkids. With tears of joy streaming from her face, she shared her belief that God had his hand in providing this blessing for her.

“God set up all these angels for me”

– Jackie

It is because of you that she and many others like her will have their lives brightened, and their holiday stress lifted.  At the holiday tent, our families in need find more than food and presents; they find hope.

When a single mother can pick out gifts for her children, that is hope. When a family who is struggling to rebuild their lives, receive a full free meal to cook, that’s hope. When a grandmother who only came for food assistance can also get a bike for her grandchild, that’s hope.

These are just one of many examples of hope, redemption, and relief. Because of you, we can serve more families like Jackie’s and continue to be hope for many hurting families in need in the Tampa Bay Area.

We could not be hope without you. To give more families hope this holiday season, please visit our Ways to Give page.