The call to serve has never been stronger

During a crisis, the call to serve is strongest. We’re working around the clock. We will be honest with you, this is the most difficult time Metropolitan Ministries has ever faced. We’ve weathered hurricanes and heatwaves, but we’ve never experienced an emergency quite like this. It’s prompted us to act quickly, to find new and creative ways to make sure we’re still doing all we can to feed and shelter families here in Tampa Bay.

That’s why we’ve created this GoFundMe campaign for our COVID-19 Emergency Impact Fund. GoFundMe is the most trusted online giving platform by millions of donors and organizations around the globe. This is one more way you can help us raise lifesaving support during COVID-19.

As you stay safe at home and care for your loved ones, your donation has the powerful ability to make a difference to people who have lost hope. We ask you to please donate to the COVID-19 Emergency Impact Fund today. Your donation helps us buy the food needed to serve thousands of meals a day to people who are scared and suffering.