Adult Education prepares and empowers adult learners to achieve educational and career goals by providing lifelong learning opportunities. Adult learners will improve their technical or professional qualifications, further develop their abilities, and enrich their knowledge in order to complete their formal education.

What we offer

While early childhood education is important in establishing a foundation for lifelong success, every child wasn’t granted that privilege.  At Metropolitan Ministries, we think it is still important to reach out to the adult community, who still long for that opportunity.

Our services help prepare learners with college and career readiness skills that lead to employment. Prospective learners can enroll in GED or career technical training programs to enhance job skills, employability, and marketability. Some of those programs include:

  • Automotive Repair
  • Business Administration
  • Computer Systems & Information Technology
  • Culinary
  • Pharmacy Technician
  • Practical Nursing
  • Web Development

Partnership Institutions: Brewster Technical College, Erwin Technical College, Hillsborough Community College.

is a lifelong process.

When you grow up surviving, dreaming is a luxury.Beth Orr,  Senior Director of Clinical Services

When you’re raised in poverty, it’s hard to believe you could really have a different life. Single moms and dads can’t afford to dream of a career. If a minimum wage job is all you’re qualified for, then that’s just what you do because the kids have to eat. You just do what you have to do to put food on the table, clothes on their bodies and a roof over their heads. But you can’t get out of poverty that way. Education and job-skills training are long-term solutions for families. If they get some support and good child care for their kids, even for a few months, they can finish high school or get skills training that will enable them to actually provide for their family.

The Life-Skills Programs We Offer Adults

We’ve got programs in Hillsborough and Pasco Counties:

  • Adult GED: In partnership with local school districts, we offer GED classes so that our adult residents can finish high school.
  • Employment: We help men and women with job searches, resume writing, interviewing skills and other employment counseling.
  • Culinary Arts Program: We teach students to prepare, cook and serve food in a personalized learning environment. Our culinary arts graduates are ready for jobs in the food industry.
  • Financial services: Individual and group financial counseling with a focus on budgeting, maintaining a checking and savings account, and other fundamental principles of money management.
  • Classes and counseling – for residents and their families on campus only: Marriage, anger management, spiritual development.
  • Childcare: We offer childcare on site to parents who are enrolled full-time in our education programs. Moms and dads have peace and can focus on their jobs knowing their children are being cared for in a safe and nurturing environment.